Fluffy Bunnys

Gambling Bunnys

Make a Fluffy Bunnys mint before it's too late!


What about Fluffy Bunnys Wheel Gambling NFT game 🐰 You will have the chance to spin the wheels with the nfts you have minted, if you wish, you can spin the wheels with your own left-hand wallet network. Secondary markets 🐰.

What Are
Fluffy Bunnies ?

Thanks to fluffy bunnies you can gamble the wheel-shaped nft.

"Fluffy Bunnies is a collection of 333 cute pixel Fluffy Bunniesu on Solana Collections"

For Giveaway and
HODL holders!

We reserve so many Fluffy Bunny for contests and giveaways. These will be chosen randomly and there will be no early editions. All remaining Fluffy Bunnies are for sale. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to be a member of this beautiful Fluffy Bunnies community.